Branding and Collateral

As it rolled out a high-antioxidant juice featuring the aronia berry, ARo had a significant challenge: how could it help the audience understand the benefits of its product in a crowded marketplace?

ARo Poster

In positioning ARo as a premier energy drink, we created everything from the ground up to target health-conscious consumers:

• Bottle design and packaging
• Logo
• Website
• E-commerce portal
• Testimonial videos
• Print ads
• In-store marketing materials

ARo logo and package design
ARo Poster
ARo Consumer Information Card
ARo Mixology Card

The campaign also utilized social media to promote public sampling events in local markets, and a contest encouraging people to submit their own healthy drink recipes using ARo.

ARo Website Design

Gold, Off-Site Campaign

2014 Fort Wayne AdFed Advertising Honors

The steady growth of ARo is helping Maria and Pam convince more Americans to lead healthy lives. Asher was able to help them take ARo—the Aronia Berry Brand—from the kitchen table to the shelves of Whole Foods Markets.

Every time they’ve gone to bat for us, we score. Their approach is fresh, creative, and original.

Maria Jackson


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