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Fort Wayne Community Schools

Delivering School Spirit

Stepping up to the challenge.

34% increase in clicks

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Corporation (FWCS) is the largest public school district in Indiana. Facing competition from private schools, home schooling, online learning and families choosing suburban schools, both enrollment and retention rates were down for the district. A long-time Asher client, FWCS turned to Asher for help in two areas: increasing public confidence in FWCS and developing parental and community support in the quest for academic and personal excellence for each student.

Rewarding Effort & Determination

Our Solution

The overall goals of the campaign were to position FWCS as the school system of choice and drive student enrollment. It was also important to create a sense of community pride about the schools by showing the entire community everything the schools have to offer and what they are accomplishing every day.

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Mentores Dedicados Comparten Lecciones Que Cambian La Vida En FWCS

The Asher Angle

Working closely with FWCS, Asher identified and targeted opportunity audiences:

  • Hispanic students
  • Parents of children aged 5 and under
  • Online and home-schooled students
  • Parochial and private school students

Asher’s sharply targeted digital media plans presented the messaging to these audiences with messaging that resonated. In addition, the ads were presented in both English and Spanish to further ensure we were reaching the diverse audience.

Pre-K Kids are Curious Quality Early Education programs

Educated results.

34% decrease in average cost per click

Campaign Length: 12 months
• 2 million impressions
• 5,400+ click-throughs to website
• 18,000+ unique views on social media

Search retargeting programmatic campaign generated nearly 3k clicks and ads have appeared on screens over 1.5M times.