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Changing Public Opinion

Stepping up to the challenge.

Nearly 10 million social media impressions

Like many parts of the country, Montana is facing a devastating public health crisis – the opioid epidemic. As overdoses spiked, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services needed a way to quickly address the situation and help change public perception.

Asher was brought in to develop a campaign addressing the epidemic while working toward the goals of educating the public, increasing awareness of the problem and fighting the stigma associated with opioid dependency.

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Our Solution

In addition to working with the state of Montana and several stage agencies, Asher also reached out to numerous Montana physicians to better understand this complicated issue. We developed an integrated campaign featuring specific at-risk groups, as well as more mainstream demographics who were also affected by opioid addiction to make the point that addiction does not discriminate.

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The Asher Angle

In addition to the main goal of increasing awareness about the opioid crisis, Asher also brought a spirit of hope to the campaign with key messaging that addiction is a disease, recovery is possible and treatment is available.

Inspiring results.

70% Detail Retention

9.9 million impressions on social media

  • 70% of those who saw the TV commercials remembered details of the ads
  • 40% of those exposed to the social media ads and 32% of those who saw the TV commercials said the ads changed their perception of opioids
  • Roughly 50% of those exposed to the campaign strongly agreed that Montana had an opioid problem (compared to only 31% of those not exposed to the campaign)