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Saint Mary's College

Sounding the Belle

Stepping up to the challenge.

Campaign helped increase applications by 25% year over year


Saint Mary’s College is a premier Catholic women’s liberal arts college which was facing an industry-wide issue of declining enrollment. Asher was tasked with building awareness of the college outside of its usual legacy circle of applicants.

Be a Belle advertisement

Our Solution

We used social media, which the college had not used before, to reach female teenagers and their mothers in the Chicago suburbs and South Bend, Indiana. By dividing the campaign into two parts, we were able to first get a pulse of the current landscape, then use the results to craft an effective strategy for the upcoming fiscal year. The initial one-month, digitally-focused campaign performed exceptionally well and validated our creative and media placement.

Be a Belle

The Asher Angle

The subsequent 11-month campaign, employed the same digital tactics, but added various “Be a Belle” giveaway items, including t-shirts and more, in exchange for contact information. A landing page was also developed which provided a personalized experience and was critical in tracking user behavior.

Girl standing in Tshirt

Smart results.

Referrals by Programmatic display increased by 1330%

Campaign Length: 12 Months
9 Million+ Impressions
40,000+ Paid Media Clicks
413% Increase in sessions from Paid Media

Overall, St. Mary’s College saw an application increase of 25% year over year.