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Basecamp Fitness

Putting Out the Welcome Mat

Stepping up to the challenge.

Successful opening of relatively unknown boutique fitness studio in new market

Self Esteem Brands, the parent company of several boutique fitness studio franchises, including Anytime Fitness and others, works with Asher’s digital media teams. One of their newer brands, Basecamp Fitness, needed to increase awareness as it prepared to open a studio in a new market. They also wanted to drive leads before and after the opening.

Advertisement for Basecamp saying: "2 Weeks Risk Free"

Our Solution

Basecamp faced several challenges. The brand was new to both the industry and the local market. Asher divided up the strategy into three distinct phases. Phase one focused on brand development and awareness, phase two had a primary goal of conversion (memberships) and phase three centered around the grand opening and conversions. As the new fitness studio inched closer to opening, Asher utilized targeted digital media to tell the story of the brand and promote a time-sensitive sign-up offer.

Advertisemtn and Basecamp logo saying: "2 Weeks Risk free"


quality leads the campaign has produced to date

The Asher Angle

Rather than simply placing ads in the local market, Asher created a carefully-planned and targeted mix of digital media combined with engaging, offer-centric ads with eye-catching creative. This attention-grabbing combination provided a CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) that was much lower than the goal nearly each week of the campaign.

Epic results.

Campaign reached conversion goal early

Campaign Length: 2 Months Prior to Opening
484 Quality Leads
$67 Cost Per Lead (Original goal was $80-$100)
300 New Members Goal Reached Before Opening

The location has continued to drive leads by extending our paid media strategy.