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Indiana Tech

Higher Visibility for Higher Ed

Stepping up to the challenge.

Campaign resulted in 400+ leads

Indiana Tech is a single campus university with online programs that have nation-wide recognition. The university introduced an innovative MBA-to-Ph.D. pathway and needed to attract prospects for this very specific program.

Fast track your Ph.D. with 15 credits.
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Our Solution

After extensive research into the niche audience for the MBA-to-Ph.D. program, Asher’s digital media team recommended a paid LinkedIn campaign. The campaign ran on LinkedIn global to reach the tightly targeted niche audience of regional MBA graduates who met the program’s criteria.

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The Asher Angle

Using strategic targeting, the first step was to ensure the message was received by the right audience. Asher then developed specific ad messaging and visuals for these prospects. By closely targeting a specific audience, Asher ensured that not only was the right audience getting the message, but also that the messaging was narrowed to include specific language and visuals that appealed directly to them.

Smart results.

Campaign ranked in top 5 higher education LinkedIn campaigns globally for 3 weeks

Campaign Length: 3 Months
400+ Leads
3,600+ Clicks to Learn More
Cost per lead: 88% lower than industry average

Campaign ranked in the Top 5 higher education campaigns globally on LinkedIn for 3 consecutive weeks.