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MKM architecture + design

Built to Better Standards

Stepping up to the challenge.

Website redesign, development, and hosting

MKM architecture + design is an architecture firm based in Fort Wayne that believes “where we live affects our sense of belonging, independence and dignity.” This concept shapes all aspects of their work as they aim to support the changing landscape of community health and well-being. While their work always reflected the company’s high standards, their website had not kept pace as new projects were simply tacked onto an existing site. MKM turned to Asher to revise their website and bring it up to date.

MKM architecture + design website on different screen sizes
MKM homepage on iMac screen with dark background

Our Solution

The Asher team knew it was vital for MKM’s website to rise to the same level as the high-quality work they do everyday, reflecting their emphasis on making community spaces better and safer. The answer was to create a new, modern and elevated website, built from the ground up that reflected MKM’s spirit of community, well-being, sophistication and professionalism.

  • CMS: WordPress
  • Asher’s role: design, development, hosting
MKM website on a laptop screen

The Asher Angle

Making sure the new website matched MKM’s focus on quality and community was the first step. The Asher web development team went further. First, we made sure the new site was user-friendly and easy to navigate, then we made additional improvements in areas such as performance, page speed, mobile score, accessibility, users and engaged sessions ranging from 10% to 75%.

Epic results.

Website redesign, development, and hosting

  • 50% increase in Number of Sessions
  • 28% increase in Number of Pageviews
  • 40% increase in Number of Users
  • 75% increase in website performance
  • 52% increase in page speed
  • 50% increase in mobile responsive design
  • 10% increase in web accessibility
  • Asher exemplifies a perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness. Their team worked hard to ensure that the result of our project was a strong interpretation of our brand, making our vision a reality.

    Jenn Storey Headshot image

    Jenn Storey

    Marketing Manager, MKM architecture + design