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Pizza, chicken, cheetos, jalapenos and ranchLayout of Pizza and ingredients

Pizza Factory

Serving Up Results

Stepping up to the challenge.

Year over year sales increased by +9%

Pizza Factory is a California pizza franchise that is steadily growing. In order to attract new customers, encourage return visits and increase frequency, periodic Limited Time Only (LTOs) menu items are great incentives to generate excitement.

Pizza Factory has a great partnership with Pepsi. Capitalizing on the partnership with Pepsi’s parent company Frito-Lay, the Pizza Factory team cultivated a fun LTO, a Cheeto’s® Flamin’ Hot Chicken Pizza.

Flamin Hot Chicken Pizza

Our Solution

As Pizza Factory’s national AOR, Asher developed the entire campaign, beginning with managing and directing a photo shoot of Pizza Factory’s featured Limited Time Only (LTO) menu items, utilizing experienced food stylists for professional (and mouth-watering) images. Asher also created other campaign elements including everything from promotional collateral to paid and organic media efforts. The campaign included:

  • YouTube Content
  • Paid Digital
  • Paid Social
  • Organic Social Content
  • In-Store Banners, Counter Cards and Window Clings
  • Box Toppers
  • Direct Mail
Pizza factory logo and advertisement for flamin hot chicken pizza
Can you handle the heat?

The Asher Angle

Flaming Hot Cheetos are a spicy, popular snack. Asher knew we had to create a look for the promotion that captured the essence of the brand — fun, feisty and HOT! Asher also wanted to make a big splash with customers, so we generated an engaging, playful and creative campaign to capture their attention.

Tasty results.

Generated $139k+ in online orders

Campaign Length: 2 Months
11.2M+ Impressions
25,000+ Clicks to Learn More
15,700+ Online Orders/Calls
139,000+ E-commerce Sales

Year-over-year sales increased by more than 9% on an already strong previous year