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Woman sitting on couch using laptop to bank while children run by and climb on top of her.Woman sitting on couch using laptop to bank while children run by and climb on top of her.

Indiana Members Credit Union

Banking on Compelling Storytelling

Changing rates. Ongoing messaging.

Lending services are vital to the success of financial institutions of any size. Generating loans is especially important to credit unions which may be overlooked both by the general public and credit union members who first think of large national banks for lending.

Indiana Member Credit Union turned to Asher for a lending campaign focused on auto, mortgage and business loans. Wanting to go beyond the customary bank ads, Asher created television and radio spots that made lending personal, focusing on relatable stories and individualized service. Through compelling storytelling, complete  with character names, back stories and a cinema-like look, the campaign brought the advantages of working with IMCU to life, adding a personalized touch that allowed people to see themselves in the ads. In addition, a strong ongoing relationship has enabled Asher to quickly and seamlessly edit the spots as rates fluctuated, extending the life of the campaign.

Our traditional media team relied on broadcast TV in the Indianapolis area, targeting college basketball, news programming and prime access. The video campaign has been supported by a digital media strategy that ensured the rate-focused messages reached the ideal audience.

Epic results.

The strength of the creative spots combined with strategic traditional and digital media planning made the lending campaign a success.

  • 7.4M impressions (ages 25-54)
  • 102% increase in website visits
  • 99K+ new users
  • 9,900 new mortgage and loan leads