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Hand of stylist prepping hair

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color

The Beauty of Authenticity

Stepping up to the challenge.

Successful campaign now recreated for other markets, including Los Angeles and San Antonio

Fantastic Sams, a full-service haircare salon franchise with locations throughout the United States and Canada, was facing a familiar challenge for many “seasoned” brands – how to connect and build awareness with a younger audience. The company, which pioneered the walk-in salon concept, was seen by younger people as offering only haircuts and geared toward an older audience. The Minneapolis area franchisees reached out to Asher, who works with several franchise groups within the organization, for help reaching a younger audience and improving brand perception.

Fantastic Sam's Medallion

Our Solution

To make Fantastic Sams more appealing to a younger audience, Asher worked with Minneapolis-based, lifestyle social media influencers. By harnessing the influencers’ established credibility and large social media followings, we not only reached the younger demographic, but also successfully promoted the amazing looks created in Fantastic Sams salons, pushing awareness of full-service capabilities.

Instagram posts


impressions (exceeding the minimum guarantee by 5M)

The Asher Angle

The key to the campaign was to let the influencers tell the story in their own authentic voice, which their audiences already knew and trusted. After visiting a Fantastic Sams salon for various services, including hair color, influencers posted about their experiences. Asher then added to the campaign by boosting posts with high engagement with paid promotions, amplifying engagement and views.

Head-turning results.

Campaign exceeded minimum guarantee engagement by 2.5k

Campaign Length: 1-2 Months
7 Million+ Impressions
6,500 Engagements (exceeding minimum guarantee by 2.5K)
23,500 Instagram Story Video Views

7.4% of post comments contained keywords indicating a desire for the Fantastic Sams brand and/or service.