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Regional Care Group

Growing a Healthy Relationship

Stepping up to the challenge.

Asher provides trusted PR and Marketing Counsel

Regional Care Group, a comprehensive, integrated healthcare provider in northwest Indiana, serves diverse clients with a variety of services, including early childhood education, primary care and behavioral health. RCG is the umbrella organization of three separate entities: Regional Health Systems, Geminus Corporation and Lake Park Residential Center. RCG chose Asher as a partner to help them develop an overall brand and communication strategy.

Phone reading "Your family's partner in Health"

Our Solution

Asher’s experience gave us a deep understanding of Regional Care Group’s unique needs and challenges, most notably as a nonprofit with a comprehensive network of community-based healthcare and social services. Asher developed brand positioning, architecture and a corporate identity for RCG, along with a distinct identity for each of the system’s entities, while maintaining brand consistency.

Further work included public relations support and development of four RCG-affiliated websites. RCG’s consistent brand, targeted messaging and a strategic approach to media, helps them stand out in today’s competitive healthcare environment, and in turn serve more individuals and families.

Advertisements showing a child headstart program, and a ground breaking event
Depiction of a brochure, cover reads "A community of adults living with mental illness"

The Asher Angle

While we’re proud of our ability to help our clients reach the right audiences through strong digital and traditional media plans, that’s just part of what we do. Our media expertise allows us to mandate additional “added-value” placements that are significantly greater than industry standards. This may be in the form of extra television and/or radio spots, free out-of-home placements, interviews on local programming, event sponsorships and more. Added value media allowed Regional Care Group to get their message out to a greater audience while staying within their budget, something that is especially important to nonprofit organizations.

Healthy results.

Bonus spots give incredible value for a nonprofit organization

3,631 bonus spots for radio and TV which equals 19% of paid schedule

Value of bonus spots equaled $21,340

Bonus spots allowed a modest media budget to go further, an incredible value for a nonprofit organization.