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Driving Daily Business

Stepping up to the challenge.

National Creative Campaign

Asher represented thousands of SUBWAY® franchisees across the country, many of whom were looking for a compelling offer to compete in the price-sensitive sandwich market. SUBWAY® had made a big impact with their ubiquitous $5 Footlong promotion, so it was especially important for local SUBWAY® franchisees to maintain the positive traction as that popular promotion came to an end.

Advertisement for Subway: "$3 Sub of the Day"

Our Solution

Working in tandem with the local franchisee boards, Asher helped develop a $3 Sub of the Day (SOTD) line-up that balanced popular subs with cost-efficient choices. This economical, yet delicious, line-up encouraged consumer who only occasionally chose Subway to visit more often, increasing traffic and profitability.

Advertisement for Subway: "$6 Meal of the Day"

The Asher Angle

To make the Sub of the Day (SOTD) promotion even more appealing to consumers, while also encouraging upsells and increase profitability, Asher developed an additional promotion that complemented the $3 sandwich with a bundled $6 Meal of the Day – which consumers seemed to fully embrace.

Epic results.

Moved from local to national use

In the first 2 month of the promotion:
+4.5% Sales Increase
+6.7% Traffic Increase

Based on results, Subway National picked up the SOTD concept (with a slight price increase to $3.50). Asher developed and produced the nationwide broadcast creative.