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Abstract 3d render, composition, with orange, red, green and lights blues colors.Abstract 3d render, composition, with orange, red, green and lights blues colors.

Our Leading Marketing, PR and Advocacy Trends for 2024

Keeping ahead of the emerging trends in marketing, public relations and advocacy is a huge part of our responsibility, and we pride ourselves in helping our clients remain competitive and relevant.

To help you enjoy a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, Asher professionals call your attention to these leading trends to closely watch and consider exploring in 2024. We are here to help you learn more about these key developments and how they can shape your integrated marketing communications campaigns.

Let’s get to our best thinking on 2024 strategies and tactics:

1. Trust, Transparency and Authenticity

These watch words remain critical to showcase in all facets of our work.

2. Our Communities are our Strongest Influencers

We are moved to action by real people sharing real stories. That’s our employees, customers, vendors, strategic partners and other allies.

3. Adapting to Changing Consumer Behavior and Desires

The mood of those we seek to connect with has become more diverse, and it is up to us to determine customized and personalized messages and experiences.

For example, we are seeing a growing interest in offline, experiential memories associated with our brands. Brands will increasingly invest in creating offline touchpoints that resonate with customers on a personal level. Branded merchandise and events will play a pivotal role in this strategy, helping to establish deeper connections and memorable moments.

As we seek to personalize marketing, we must also walk that fine line of not violating privacy concerns in our tactics.

4. It’s An Election Year at all Levels of Government

City, county, state, national and Presidential politics and campaigns add both opportunities and challenges. Competition for prime advertising space is heightened and ad prices may be at a premium, so there is an urgency to plan early in key states with primary elections and the November 5 general election.

And, as always, there are multiple ways to get involved in public affairs issues at all levels of government to move the needle on projects, issues and relationships.

5. Emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI, Chat GPT and machine learning represent an evolution, not a revolution, in the latest tools available to communicators. 2024 will be a defining year to gauge the benefits and concerns. It will also face challenges from regulators and naysayers. Asher continues to proceed with caution, optimistically, and in the best interest of experimentation with transparency among our clients.

6. Rapid Advances in Technology

We keep current and invest in emerging technologies, digital platforms, and marketing automation tools that target key audiences, drive sales, and move people to take action.

7. Misinformation Creates Confusion and Division

It has never been more important to protect one’s brand and to monitor the landscape for threats to truth in advertising and communications.

8. Proven Value of Branding and Brand Awareness Remain Essential

We have never wavered on this, but successful marketers will re-evaluate and refresh their branding and brand awareness. While data-driven marketing, AI and other impressive tools  continue to provide value, consumers still respond to solid brand strategies. Find a healthy balance and don’t be so distracted by emerging tech that you abandon proven methods.

9. Intentionality

Marketing, public relations and advocacy needs to be strategic and efficient. Intentionality means every action has a genuine purpose, aligns with audience needs and can be connected to impact.

We also see quality over quantity being important in 2024. We no longer market to businesses or mass generalized demographics—we market to human beings. In any industry, it is becoming more important to generate memorable, creative and attention-grabbing content, ads, emails and websites. This not only links attention to demand but also provides lead generation driven by aligning brand messaging to buyer needs.

10. Measuring and Showing Strong Return on Investment

Using the latest analytical tools and receiving regular reports on specific tactics allows us to gauge our progress and make necessary adjustments to meet and exceed your expectations.

We hope you will join Asher Agency in our 50th anniversary year as a partner in putting these insights into practice to achieve your specific priorities.

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