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Born in Paris, France (yes, really). An agency veteran and true master at media savvy planning and buying for Asher's clients. Sometimes forgets how to pronounce the word 'spatula.' (Yes, really.)

The Medium and the Message Are Connected

The Medium and the Message Are Connected

Buying media is not quantum physics. You have your message, your demographic, and your medium. As long as you can match them up efficiently, voila, your message is heard and your work is done.

Hypothetical example: your furniture client is having a huge two-day sale on futons. The target audience is women 25 to 54. We know they are most likely listening to WMEE-FM and WQHK-FM and watching the six p.m. local news and Wheel of Fortune. That’s what our trusted sources at Arbitron and Nielsen tell us. They’re driving by the same billboard every day on their commute into work. They’re checking Facebook throughout the day. If we’re lucky, they’re googling “futon sales” to find the best deal in town. In a perfect world with unlimited budgets, we can buy all media that this demo consumes and achieve a reach of 100% with a frequency that is sure to bring them into your client’s store. But it’s not a perfect world. With a limited budget, our job becomes more complex. Not as complex as quantum physics, more like rocket science.
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