April 2016 Employee of the Month: Tiffany Templeton

April 2016 Employee of the Month: Tiffany Templeton

From intern to SUBWAY account supervisor, Tiffany Templeton adds another achievement to her list: Asher Agency’s Employee of the Month for April 2016. She was selected for this honor because she always puts Asher first with an unwavering eye on client satisfaction. Tiffany is often one of the last to leave each night, working countless hours to keep sales up and marketing moving in the 11 SUBWAY markets she manages.


Templeton laughs in the wind at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

As Tiffany headed off on another adventure, we caught her long enough to get her top five things that make her all heart-eyed-emoji.

  • Any and all coffee–black.
  • Traveling! (See photo above from her trip to Paris.)
  • Visiting different breweries – “The brewery environment is my jam! I’m a stout, lager, and wheat beer kinda girl–not a huge fan of IPAs or pale ales,” she said.
  • Wallyball!
  • Binge watching all of her favorite shows (Empire, New Girl, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.) on Hulu each Sunday.