A-Teamers Move Up the Ranks

A-Teamers Move Up the Ranks

Asher recently honored the following employees with promotions:

Reid Trumble was named Associate Creative Director. Trumble joined Asher in 2006, becoming part of the backbone in our creative department and leading many projects over the past decade.

Lisa Starr also began her tenure with Asher in 2006. Starr’s passion and skills in both traditional and digital media have earned her new title of Associate Media Director.

Tiffany Templeton was promoted to Account Supervisor. Templeton joined Asher as an intern in 2011. We kept tabs on her, waiting for the right position to open on our team. When we needed an Account Executive for SUBWAY, we called Tiffany.

Reid Trumble, Lisa Starr, Tiffany Templeton

L-R: Reid Trumble, Lisa Starr, and Tiffany Templeton