Let Asher help your medical practice lay the groundwork for telehealth success

Let Asher help your medical practice lay the groundwork for telehealth success

Healthcare is one of countless industries undergoing a sea change in operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Providers in all specialties were forced to adapt quickly amid shifting guidelines on essential businesses, social distancing and increased sanitation. More importantly, providers began using technology to interact remotely with patients at a much higher level than before.

While medical offices shuttered and most in-person appointments ended, existing telehealth programs became more robust and others got off the ground, often funded by federal and state grants. Early data shows the efficacy of these programs, which led to increased access to care, fewer emergency room visits and higher patient satisfaction.

Even though the economy – including medical offices from dentists to dermatologists – is gradually reopening, the telehealth trend is likely to here to stay, at least until a coronavirus vaccine is widely available and patients feel comfortable and safe venturing out.

As you consider the ramifications of the new virtual reality on your marketing efforts, there are tangible things you can do to help ensure sustainability and success. Rely on the Asher team’s expertise on many levels so you can move forward confidently in uncertain times.

  • Research: It’s crucial that you collect as much relevant information as possible before making a marketing investment. Who are your competitors and how are they faring? How well do patients understand telehealth? How savvy are they in using technology? What social media platforms do they interact with and prefer? The Asher team will customize digital marketing campaigns to the platforms most used by your patients and target audience.
  • Media strategy: Based on the data gleaned from the research, Asher’s media planners and buyers will recommend a plan that meets your goals, timing and budget. Our team utilizes the latest digital marketing innovations to get your message in front of the right audience at the right time in the right medium. We constantly monitor and adjust ad campaigns to ensure they hit the mark. And we provide easy-to-read monthly reports to make the process transparent.
  • Direct mail: As more people shelter at home with extra time to read printed materials, a direct-mail postcard or flyer might be an effective marketing tool. Asher’s award-winning creative team is skilled at combining words and imagery to present your message in a memorable way that will resonate with recipients.
  • Website design and SEO: Your website is the main repository of all information about your practice. Patients should be able to easily find what they’re seeking, be it provider bios, insurance forms or contact info. It’s important to regularly examine your website with a critical eye to ensure content and images remain fresh and engaging. Our web development team will also offer guidance on boosting your search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Public relations: How will you share your news and accomplishments with patients, peers or the public? That’s where Asher’s experienced PR team comes in. From writing press releases to pitching your story directly to trusted media outlets, our media connections open doors.

Although the healthcare environment we find ourselves in is certainly challenging, partnering with a trusted marketing agency can help you plan strategically, pivot seamlessly and nurture resilience to better serve the community’s health needs.