#AgencyLife: Best Practices for Thriving at an Ad Agency

#AgencyLife: Best Practices for Thriving at an Ad Agency

Working at an advertising agency can be a lot of fun if you know how to tackle the challenges and celebrate the rewards. Here is a list of tips on how to survive and thrive while working for an agency.


Be Yourself

At an agency there are typically many different types of people working together on behalf of the clients. At Asher we pride ourselves on our diverse backgrounds and skills we bring to our jobs. Although you might be tempted to try to please people rather than express your ideas on projects, remember to always be yourself. Being your true self will benefit everyone and your coworkers will respect you for it.


Be a Team Player

At Asher our work is divided amongst different teams, which is common at agencies. Therefore, you must be a team player to thrive in an agency environment. Everyone has specific jobs, which means that communication is vital for work to be efficient and well-constructed for the client. Part of being a team player means presenting your piece of the project accurately and on time. The better that teams work together, the stronger relationships will be, both within the agency and with clients.


Don’t Be a Workaholic

We all know people who routinely work extra hours and answer emails late into the night. While at times that might be necessary, it is important to find balance between your work and personal life. Asher values employees’ personal time, which enables us to do our best work for clients. Take that time for yourself when you need, whether it’s exercising on your lunch break or taking a personal day to do the things you love.


Be Willing to Adapt to Change

The advertising world changes very quickly. There are always new resources and new innovations to stay on top of. Your willingness to adapt to change will positively impact your career in advertising. The more you adapt to change, the more growth you will see both professionally and personally. I believe adapting to change is a learned behavior. Even if it’s uncomfortable at first, the more you try it, the easier it becomes and the more you will embrace it.


Have a Passion for Continuous Learning

What I love about the agency life is there are always things to learn! I leave the office everyday knowing at least one more thing than I did the day before. Learning new things will not only enhance your work and knowledge, but also better your position in an agency. Sharing your knowledge will be appreciated among your co-workers, thereby building stronger relationships within the team and the agency. So always be researching and learning what’s new in the advertising industry.


Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Laugh off the small things that may stress you out at times. Enjoy your job and don’t allow it to make you unhappy and have fun with your co-workers. When you win a new client or pull off a successful campaign, take time to celebrate your success. That allows the teamwork to become stronger and the agency as a whole to be successful!


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Author: Rachael Baker