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Getting the Most Out of Franchise Marketing

If you’re in the franchise industry, you know how important it is for your messaging to be in line with your targeted audience. Understanding when, where, and how your consumers and potential customers intake media is a talent in and of itself, but learning their habits and interests is truly a work of art.

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What is Franchise Marketing?

Being in the franchise or retail business, you probably already know the definition of franchise marketing – even if you didn’t realize that you did!

Franchise marketing is when a franchisor sells the rights to its brand to franchise. The purchaser, or franchisee, can then hopefully take advantage of brand recognition and trust to bring already-loyal customers into their store. In these situations, there are often corporate regulations and policies that must be followed, which could lead to shared marketing costs, shared among several locations within a region.

In this industry, brand identity and reputation are essential. Learning what your customers are looking for and being able to trust your brand are assets that you will want to continue to build on. Never become complacent; always strive to do more for your customers (and employees!) and try to continuously meet or exceed their needs.

What’s Different About Franchise Marketing?

To create an effective franchise marketing strategy, research must be at play before any sort of media or messaging is placed. For example, if you want your restaurant customers to find coupons on your website, you need a strategy that brings leads to your website through multiple mediums.

Such mediums can vary, but oftentimes, strategies can include social media advertisements, creating content with keywords and phrases that you want your website to be found for, customer outreach, email marketing, Google ads, and more. What can be difficult with franchise marketing strategies is that they don’t guarantee the same results across all locations. For example, a marketing budget for a franchise location in a smaller town involving social media and paid search may be successful, but if you bring that same budget to a franchise location in a larger city, it may not make as much of a difference.

It’s important to understand each franchise location or region’s demographics and geographics, study how consumers respond to different media platforms, then act accordingly. Each location or region will most likely need its own budget, media plan, and overall marketing strategy.

Again, if there is a shared marketing budget among a region, oftentimes, votes are necessary to bring about action or change, leading to decisions that must be made as a consensus with multiple owners.

Where Can I Get Help with My Franchise Marketing?

At Asher, we understand that franchise marketing is so much more than looking at the company as a whole; it’s breaking it down by store location and building marketing plans that fit each location’s needs and reach goals as a company entirely.

We have experience in a variety of industries, but we are especially proud to know the franchise and retail space, where we offer an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise.

We’d Love to Work with You!

If you’re a franchisee and are interested in a marketing agency that understands the key to success is more than just the total on a cash register, we’re that agency.

Reach out to set up an introduction today!

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