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Reflecting on 2018

To say we are proud of our team at Asher is an understatement. Each year the A-team works tirelessly on behalf of our clients, but this year it seemed even more so. While the economic numbers look great on paper, with low unemployment rates, this hasn’t necessarily translated to the bottom line for so many of our clients.

Consumers are increasingly more difficult to reach with their segmented attention spans and elevated expectations. To help combat some of these challenges, we climbed even deeper into the trenches with our clients. In addition to providing comprehensive marketing and media plans, this year we also supported their staffing recruitment and retention needs. After all, it’s the staff who are the face of any brand and deliver the experience to consumers.

The same holds true for our Asher staff. We may be biased, but we think we have some of the best of the best. They genuinely care about our clients’ success and are committed to generating results. We couldn’t ask for a better team to represent our Asher brand.

Written by Kara Kelley, Asher Agency President and CEO

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An apt metaphor for Asher’s 50th anniversary, all the things our team has accomplished and the people who have made it all possible.

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