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Recruiting Talent in a Post-COVID Market

Since the pandemic, there have been seismic shifts in the way we live, learn and, especially, work.

The pandemic upended employment as we knew it. Jobs were lost, careers put on hold, new positions created and remote work became the norm. But more than anything else, people changed the way they look at employment and what they really want from a job. Employees are taking a stand for wanting more from their careers.

As a result, employers are struggling to meet hiring needs. As an employer today, you’re no longer competing against other companies in your industry, you’re competing against a new employee mindset.

Move from traditional recruiting to recruitment marketing.

It’s a new world when it comes to recruiting employees and the old ways of finding and attracting qualified candidates aren’t keeping pace. So where can employers turn to find the talent they need? One smart solution is to move from traditional recruiting to recruitment marketing.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing focuses on attracting individuals TO your company overall. Using proven marketing strategies, recruitment marketing promotes the value of working for a particular company, not simply a particular position.

When done correctly, recruitment marketing can attract, engage, recruit, and retain talent. But there’s more to it than simply saying your organization is a great place to work. To hire top talent, you need to think strategically.

Recruitment marketing must be strategic.

When it comes to recruitment marketing, strategy is everything. That’s because it’s much more than promoting your brand to attract job seekers. To be successful, it’s vital that recruitment marketing efforts are true and authentic.

Effective recruitment marketing must align with the vision, goals, and mission of your company. You need to ensure that you are reaching candidates who also align with those same values, as well as your specific policies and needs. Because in today’s post-COVID world, employees are no longer simply looking for stability, they want to be fulfilled, appreciated, and valued. That’s the message you need to share.

Don’t go it alone.

At Asher, we’re marketing, branding and strategy experts. We fully understand each step in the recruitment marketing chain. We know how to uncover your Employer Brand and use it to create a positive candidate experience to engage active candidates.

We know how to keep your messaging fresh and new across a variety of platforms while creating an effective Employee Value Proposition. Because in order for recruitment marketing to be effective, it must develop employer brand content and then market that content through many recruiting channels to create awareness, build followers, capture leads, encourage employee referrals plus generate job applicants.

At Asher, we also take recruitment marketing to the next level with analytics and metrics to measure effectiveness. We also know how to use marketing tools and experience to elevate the candidate experience beyond the ordinary.

If you’re struggling to fill vital roles in your organization, maybe it’s time you looked into recruitment marketing. Reach out to Asher today to discover how we can help you find, recruit, and retain the best team imaginable.

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