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Predictions for 2019 in Ad tech

Now that the back-to-the-future shoes are a reality, we predict these trends will impact the ad world:

  1. AR and VR will provide brand stories in a whole new way – the cameras and technology to create VR experiences get better, faster and less expensive every day. However, it might not be with clunky goggles but other VR immersive technology, like one of our favorites from a few years ago:
  2. Algorithms and virtual assistants will continue to extend into our lives. The ad-serving tech is getting better every day. Our whole team at Asher has shared how in the past year they have seen more tailored ads to their hobbies and interests than ever. We expect this trend to grow.
  3. TV is still a powerful advertising vehicle, but defining TV is getting harder. With all the streaming services, satellite and cable upping their game in delivering customizable content, deciding where to place media and how is getting more complex. Almost everyone we polled this fall at Asher consumes TV in a different way via phone, computer, streaming box (Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, smart TV), and gaming console.
  4. Google, Facebook and Amazon will continue to dominate online advertising. “Amazon really” yeah two years ago including them would have shocked me too, but not since I read this Knowing how they have decimated established companies in other sectors, we in the ad world will be watching their moves closely.
  5. Advertising and marketing will continue to be integrated with “Big Data” efforts in all industries. This will lead to some companies increasing their budgets and others reducing, but in the end it will help those companies harnessing data to spend smarter and grow faster.

Written by Brandon Wolf

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