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Keeping Your Online Listings Up-to-Date

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably already aware that your online listings can greatly impact your customer foot traffic. Maintaining accurate online location listings through Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, Yelp or other directories is an essential task yet one that many businesses overlook. Another crucial piece of information is your hours of operation, and its accuracy can make or break your customer retention.

Gone are the days of business owners leaving a “Will Return” clock when they close for lunch or other reasons. Customers, who depend on online searches more than ever, can ask Siri or do a quick Google search on a mobile device, and easily find a business’s operating hours. Around the holidays, many businesses have extended hours or early closings, and you want to make absolutely sure customers are aware of these. Don’t leave your customers guessing, or worse yet, angry when they find your doors locked. Clearly state your hours of business, along with any other relevant information, such as special in-house events, celebrations or other occasions.

Another reason to monitor your listings is to be aware of any customer reviews and suggested changes. Most people are busier than usual around the holidays, and their time is valuable. Before visiting a shop, restaurant or other business they want to be confident they will have a positive experience and their expectations will be met. They might be entertaining relatives or making reservations for a large group of family or co-workers. Don’t give them a reason, no matter how small, to leave a negative review.

Preserving your online location listings this season will be the best gift you can give your customers, and one they will be certain to appreciate.

Written by Brett Gauger

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