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Happy 30th Anniversary, Jill Brown!

And just like that…it’s been 30 years.

Jill Brown started at Asher Agency February 18, 1992. We’re sure that when she walked in that day, she didn’t imagine that she would spend the next 30 years here. But honestly, we can’t imagine Asher without her.

Officially, Jill is the agency’s Senior Vice President and Media Director. In that capacity, she serves our clients in essential ways, leading the media team in the development of disruptive, multi-tiered and ridiculously thorough media plans that zero in on markets like a Hoosier on fried cheese curds. She’s a master negotiator and savvy strategist. She works her magic to place local, regional, national and international media. And when we say media, we mean anything and everything – television, radio, print, outdoor, environmental, and all types of digital. Forget Howard Stern, Jill is the true Queen of all Media.

Unofficially, Jill is just as crucial to the agency staff. We all rely on her for her expertise. She’s known for her ability to save the day by pulling together a last-minute project and pulling out all the stops for clients. But maybe most importantly, her office is stockpiled with all the essentials that really drive good marketing – snacks, chocolate, caffeine and liquor. And she’s always willing to share!

“When my brother and I first met Jill 30 years ago, we knew right away we wanted her on our team, so we interviewed her together. She claims we surrounded her so she couldn’t say no. One of the things I appreciate about Jill is that she’s truly unflappable. Soon after joining Asher we were on a flight together when one of the plane’s engine caught fire and we ended up landing in a cornfield in Paducah, Kentucky – even that didn’t scare her away. We have a great working relationship and have spent countless hours together. She swears she’s spent more time with me than my own wife! I am so glad she stayed with us all this time. Asher just wouldn’t be the same without Jill Brown.” Tom Borne, Asher CEO.

Congratulations, Jill! None of us can imagine the past 30 years without you – or the next 30! Cheers!

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