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Asher helps 3RRC put its best foot forward

Three Rivers Running Company (3RRC) has built a reputation as northeast Indiana’s premier running specialty retailer. As a single-store operation, 3RRC has thrived — despite the presence of a seemingly infinite number of big box and online competitors — by providing an unmatched focus on service.

To help tell its unique story, 3RRC partnered with Asher to develop print and digital media campaigns, advertising and other messages — and recently, a new website.

The former 3RRC website had become — like many small business websites — cluttered with features and content bolted on as user habits changed over the years. Asher helped 3RRC get a fresh start, focusing on visitors’ top-priority needs. Asher also gave careful thought to back-end considerations with a specific focus on the mobile environment.

The result is a site that’s built for speed — and for the long run. 3RRC’s products and services are given ample attention, as are its community commitments, sponsored races, and events. 3RRC’s popular blog is integrated into the site and critical information like the store’s location and operating hours are easy to find. Best of all, Asher’s recommended content management system allows 3RRC staff to make updates quickly and efficiently, so they can focus on what they do best: providing outstanding service to customers.

And while we can’t make the competition any less onerous, Asher is allowing 3RRC to do what every runner knows is the key to success: putting its best foot forward at every opportunity.


Three Rivers Running Company

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