Asher Earns WBE Certification

Asher Earns WBE Certification

In 2022, Asher returned to its roots as an independent agency, with President and CEO Kara Kelley and CFO Megan Bennett becoming majority owners. And now, for the first time, Asher has earned a certification as an Indiana Women Business Enterprise (WBE).

The road to earning a WBE certification evolved quickly after the ownership change. As Kelley states, it was an exciting designation to pursue.

“We had never dreamed of owning an ad agency,” Kelley says. “But when the opportunity presented itself, we were eager to pursue our WBE certification.”

The WBE certification is administered by the State of Indiana. To become a WBE, a firm’s ownership must be at least 51% female. The leaders must possess expertise in the field, control the business enterprise, and be U.S. citizens.

There are several benefits to becoming a WBE, including subcontracting opportunities, the attainment of diversity goals, and additional opportunities to do business with government agencies, networking, and inclusion in the directory of certified firms.

WBEs are rare in the advertising industry – less than 1 percent of 14,000 agencies are owned by women. It’s yet another example of the ways in which Asher is unique and always focused on opportunities for growth. Kelley attributes this perspective to the agency’s legacy and its people.

“We are incredibly honored to lead an agency that has supported women from its earliest days,” she says. “And we couldn’t have done this without the help of our team, our partners, and our clients.”

Asher owners Megan Bennett, CFO, and Kara Kelley, President.