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Amplifying Your Cause Branding Efforts Via Social Media

Utilizing social media for cause branding efforts is a great way to show an organization’s community commitment. Sharing your team’s participation and philanthropy will generate goodwill and positively drive your brand’s reputation.

Here are some ways that cause branding through social media can help a business strengthen its ties to the community.

Highlight Partnerships

  • Share events to promote both organizations simultaneously.
  • Teaming up on an initiative is a two-way street.
  • Co-host Facebook Events.
  • Share before, during and after the event.
  • Use Facebook Live. (Our employees volunteered on Subway’s World Sandwich at Community Harvest Foodbank, and were interviewed in a Facebook Live broadcast about it).

Leverage Advocates

  • Identify your advocates and interact with them.
  • User-generated content (UGC) is particularly valuable. When someone shares content related to your business, it’s important to share and encourage it on your channels.
  • Develop a “Street Team.” (The Clyde Theatre has constructed a “Street Team” that helps foster connection through word-of-mouth promotion and communal interaction online).

Make Your Channel(s) Personable

  • Connect with your audience; make it interactive.
  • Project humility and a conversational tone.
  • Share your efforts in real-time.
  • Involve your employees and other influencers. (Fort Wayne’s NBC’s multimedia journalist Kaitlyn Kendall traveled with the Allen County SPCA and Subaru of Fort Wayne for their efforts to rescue 77 cats and dogs from a shelter in Texas. The journey was documented from the beginning to the end.)

Raise Awareness for Your Community Contributions

  • Showcase others who have contributed to the cause.
  • Host a Donations campaign on your Facebook Page.
  • Share photos and videos, including check presentations.
  • Connect with your neighbors — identify nearby businesses that have a strong following.
  • Connect with your local visitor’s bureau, chamber of commerce or community services. (Farmers & Merchants State Bank uses cause branding through their community contributions and highlights the activities.)

Your Culture Matters—Embrace It

  • Bring attention to your company’s cultural engagement.
  • Encourage team members to share their experiences at events.
  • Share your employees’ enthusiasm for the causes you support. (We’ve always had the vision to support community engagement. The rivers are a great place where we gather for plenty of activity.)

Cause branding is beneficial for brand and organizations to help promote their contributions to the social good. The value it can bring to any organization is boundless and projects an affirmative reputation.

Volunteering for causes that we care about is a common culture at Asher Agency. Discover what ways our staff are engaged with the community from a past blog post!

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