Unbeatable resolve. Undeniable results.

We have office hours. We just don’t post them. It’d be pointless, really. You see on any given day, at any given time, somewhere one of us is thinking about our clients. Not just simple daydreaming, but the kind of enthusiastic, strategic and creative thinking that drives a brand. Attracts attention. Increases awareness. Elicits a response. Improves sales. Builds share.

You don’t stop thinking about your business. Neither do we. Even after a long day. Because we know ideas don’t stop flowing when the front door is locked. Let’s start a conversation about furthering your brand. We’re available. Any time. Day or night.

Agency Snapshot

Asher Agency was founded in 1974 by Tim Borne in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Today, Asher serves a broad range of clients, from franchisee co-ops and education to financial services and government and we do it efficiently and effectively in 4 offices around the country. No matter where you find us, you’ll be pleased to know that Asher has mastered the art of developing and executing marketing campaigns that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. We’re ready to exceed your expectations too.

While it can be fun to win awards — and we’ve been fortunate to win a few in our day — a true WIN for Asher is meeting our client’s goals on a project. Whether that goal is increasing awareness, foot traffic, sales or changing perceptions in the community, it’s a prize we are constantly and relentlessly working toward.

  • Brand Development

    Where it all starts. Smart solutions that help our clients stand out.

  • Creative

    From traditional to digital, words and images that convince, sell, change perceptions – and grow your business.

  • Digital Marketing

    Meeting your customers where they are and giving you a voice in the conversation.

  • Media Planning & Buying

    Ensuring that your message is seen by the right audience at the right time.

  • Public & Government Relations

    Raising awareness and building advocacy for your brand.


While Asher has experience across a broad range of categories, we’re especially proud of our depth of knowledge in the five core competencies outlined below. And although each challenge our clients bring us is a little different, we always respond in the same way: with the type of uncommon solutions that deliver results.

Diversity Statement

Since 1974 Asher has prided itself on being a diverse group of creative thinkers who are absolutely committed to helping our clients meet their strategic marketing goals. Our founder, Tim Borne, was dedicated to the ideals of civil justice and equal rights for all, first as Indiana coordinator for Sen. Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign and then as a VISTA volunteer in Washington, D.C.

Although we are diverse in gender, age, skills, geographic background, education, experiences and lifestyle, recently we’ve realized that we fall short: Our employees, and the people we do business with, don’t reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the communities we serve. This is unacceptable to us, and we know we must do better.  To that end we have pledged to:

  • Actively recruit people of color from local high schools, colleges and universities to serve as job shadows, interns and employees at Asher.
  • Partner with Black-, women- and veteran-owned businesses to learn more about their needs and to share marketing best practices through educational collaboration.
  • Intentionally network at diverse events to build relationships with minority business leaders, entrepreneurs and civic leaders.
  • Encourage staff to volunteer for organizations making a positive impact in the community and provide paid time off to do it.

Our Leadership

The Asher Team of Advertising & Marketing Experts

  • Kara Kelley

    After spending six years at a San Francisco-based public relations agency where she honed her skills as an imaginative thinker and decisive problem solver, Kara joined the Asher team in 2007. She quickly rose to become a key member of the management team and in 2016 was named president of the agency. Kara is regarded as one of the country’s leading retail franchisee experts, and her vision and leadership are respected and in demand at the corporate level. Franchisees across the country have come to rely on her keen marketing insights. Kara is an astute team builder who works tirelessly to grow her clients’ business and the Asher brand. In 2014, she was named one of Fort Wayne’s “40 under 40” business leaders who are making a difference at their job and in their community. She was recently nominated for Greater Fort Wayne Inc’s Champions of Change Award, is a member of the executive board of Community Harvest Food Bank, chairs the Strategic Task Force for the Historic Embassy Theatre, a board member of the Indiana Franchise Association and is on the marketing committee for The Circle of Ivy, a statewide women’s philanthropic effort. Kara is a graduate of the University of Dayton.

  • Megan Bennett

    Megan brings a wealth of experience in securities finance, corporate development, and product management to her role as Chief Financial Officer at Asher. An Indianapolis native, and former resident of Syndey, Australia, Megan holds a degree in finance and marketing from Boston College and an MBA from Indiana University.

  • Jill Brown
    Senior VP, Media Director

    Jill manages Asher’s media team. She keenly applies the full force of her expertise in local, regional, national and international media on behalf of all of our clients. Jill has a degree in Advertising & Journalism from Ball State University and, through her dedication to continuing education, stays current in the complicated nuances of an ever-changing media landscape.

  • Anthony Juliano
    VP, General Manager

    Our resident marketing and social media strategist, Anthony has a streamlined approach to work: find the right strategy, the right message and the right channel to reach a specific audience. Anthony has completed two master’s degrees. He’s taught college classes. Run five marathons. And he’s just getting started.

  • Jennifer Roberts
    VP, Executive Creative Director

    Jen is a collaborative leader who has come home to Asher — she was an art director here earlier in her career. Recently, she was a Creative Director at a Detroit-based advertising agency. She’s a multidisciplinary designer and problem solver who has won numerous awards for her work as well as a great deal of respect from her clients. Jen holds a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration from Indiana University.

  • Margaret Davidson
    VP, General Manager

    A skilled manager who’s leading the charge in our Indianapolis office. Margaret polished her advertising skills at MZD Advertising, where she rose to become an agency Partner. She was the CMO at the Indiana State Fair before joining Asher. Margaret is a past president of the Indiana Federation of Advertising Agencies.

  • Steve Morrison
    VP, General Manager

    Steve is the driving force behind the strategies and marketing plans developed for many of our clients, including those in our West Virginia office. His diverse skills include a strong background in franchisee marketing, financial services, retail and industrial advertising. Steve holds a BA in journalism from West Virginia University.

  • David Goode
    Digital Director

    David has risen through the ranks at Asher having previously served as our Digital Marketing Strategist/Analyst before being named Digital Director in 2020. He’s a creative thinker and innovative problem solver who drives media strategy for all of our clients. Prior to joining the agency ranks David worked in radio as a digital director and brand manager. He has a degree in Radio & TV from Southern Illinois University. Go Salukis!

  • Brandon Peat
    Director of Web Development

    As a creative who’s also an analytical thinker, Brandon, a graduate of the University of Saint Francis, believes web design and development offers the perfect left brain/right brain synergy. He strives to foster a collaborative spirit among the team’s designers and developers as a way to enhance the end product Asher offers clients.