A Logo is Worth a Thousand Words

A Logo is Worth a Thousand Words

When a business wants to refresh or a company is just establishing, one thing is critical to consider: the logo. A logo is one of the most important assets any business has. It’s literally the mark of a business, the identity, the stamp you put on everything. It should be identifiable as a small imprint on a signatory line or as large as a roadway sign. It should be recognizable at a glance and should be easily recalled when consumers are asked about it. Apple, Nike, Target, Facebook… just by mentioning their name you probably know what their logo looks like, right? That’s what you’re going for.
Different Versions of The Asher agency logo over time
So when you’re pondering logo (re)designs, consider these 5 tips to help you stand out among the rest:

  1. Don’t rely on trends. Trend, by definition, means change. You shouldn’t have to worry about adjusting your logo when the seasons change. It should be able to stand the test of time.
  1. Avoid poor font choices. Simple, clean fonts are always better reads and more recognizable. That means staying away from Comic Sans and Curlz MT, and sidestepping beveling, embossing, and drop shadows.
  1. Don’t go overly detailed. It may look great on a large scale, but when logos get smaller they can lose a lot of features. It could become blurry or even look smudged and unreadable.
  2. Don’t do a complete overhaul. If you already have an established company, many consumers already relate you with your logo. Instead of compromising your established brand, alter it.
  3. Do your research. No good logo has been done ignoring how employees or consumers feel about your products and brand.

Not only are successful logos about good design, they also embody the business, the employees, and the customer base. Logos should have a significant connection to the culture of the business and be easily relatable to the values.

Own it. Embrace it. Personify it.


-Author: Heather Peaytt