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The Importance of the IDEA FACTORY

The Importance of the IDEA FACTORY

Ideas are the lifeblood of our business.

I learned in my first year at a Washington, D.C., public and government relations shop that ideas generated from credible, insightful information and translated into creative, measurable strategy separated the pretenders from the ladder climbers. That is still the case!

I was fortunate 25 years ago when I moved from Capitol Hill public servant to communications and lobbying. My first boss was masterful at conceptualizing strategic tactics to advance clients’ priorities. One day he handed out T-shirts with the words “The Idea Factory” and a graphic featuring a large golden light bulb being pulled out of a factory by many smaller light bulbs, excited by their collaboration. Our company logo was featured on the large light bulb.

Since then I continue to strive to offer my clients the “big idea” that will help catapult them forward. Every consultant should focus on connecting the dots for clients and generating ideas that inspire, persuade and build lasting relationships.

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