Assisting Indiana Tech with content marketing: what we’ve learned along the way

Assisting Indiana Tech with content marketing: what we’ve learned along the way

I recently wrote about the increasing importance of content marketing and the opportunities inherent in treating your brand as a media outlet unto itself. In this post, I’m sharing an example of how Asher has helped one of its clients—Indiana Tech—with content marketing. Here’s what we’ve been working on—and what we’ve learned along the way.

One of the first considerations in any content marketing strategy is who will do the work. Indiana Tech’s effort is led by its marketing team. However, to maximize the effectiveness of the effort, Indiana Tech engaged Asher for some supplemental help, allowing the internal team to focus on strategy while we assist and give them more horsepower for execution. The lesson?

A collaborative effort can help a brand generate the most content without sacrificing quality.

Asher initially got involved by assisting Indiana Tech with the creation of a content calendar. We started by identifying key audience segments and what we hoped to achieve with each. We then determined which platforms would be best for each audience. (For example, we determined that Facebook, while reaching a broad audience, would be primarily used to reach parents of Tech’s day school prospects and students, while Snapchat would be primarily focused on those prospects themselves). Then we focused on one month only, adding the highest-priority events and dates first, and then filling in with lower-priority content for each channel and audience. Once that month was built out, we worked on subsequent months. The lesson?

A little planning goes a long way toward saving time and effort in the long-run.

One of the best opportunities to showcase your brand is by featuring your customers. Indiana Tech does a great job with this by featuring its students. We’re seeking to further leverage this by encouraging a select group of students to be content creators. We’ll choose these subjects wisely, of course—but once we know who best can tell the story, we’ll encourage them to document and share their experience. The lesson?

Your prospective customers want to hear from your existing customers, so make them part of your team.

Indiana Tech studies its analytics on an ongoing basis, including a monthly deep dive with Asher to better understand its audiences and adapt as needed. We take an alchemist’s approach to the work: being willing to experiment and adding new elements in with proven successes. At Indiana Tech, everything’s fair game as long as it’s consistent with the university’s values and helpful or entertaining to its audiences. The lesson? 

Know what you’re trying to accomplish, and be willing to adapt. Results matter. 

While Indiana Tech is continuing to refine its approach, a glance at its content shows these efforts in action, from the high-quality video testimonials you’ll find on its YouTube channel to the more informal, fun approach they take on Instagram. We’re honored to be part of this effort and to have a hand in what matters most: helping prospective students discover everything Indiana Tech has to offer—from a perspective that’s authentic, accessible, and aligned with the prospect’s point of view.
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